As-salamu alaykum

Dear Muslims,

the construction of the Quba Mosque which was named after the first Mosque built by Prophet Muhammad (saw) is continuing.

The walls are raised and the dome is cladded now.The next stage is closing the entire roof and raising the minarets.

As the Quba Mosque is being built only with the support of our brothers and sisters, we need your donations to complete the next stages.

Bank Transfer Details;

BANK: Westpac
Acc name: Quba Mosque Building Fund
Bsb: 033121
Acc: 416126


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Ibn e Majah says

مَنْ بَنَى مَسْجِدًا لِلَّهِ كَمَفْحَصِ قَطَاةٍ أَوْ أَصْغَرَ بَنَى اللَّهُ لَهُ بَيْتًا فِي الْجَنَّةِ

Whoever builds a masjid for the sake of Allah Almighty, like a sparrow’s nest or even smaller, Allah Almighty will build for him a house in Paradise.
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